At iTack we have what we proudly call a 360-degree business approach, encompassing Technology, Processes, Business & People and collaborating all these factors in the most conducive environment for optimum productivity.

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We provide Connected Healthcare through Technology, hence all the health information flows seamlessly from one point to another!

Cloud Services:
iTack gives strong and thorough arrangement of solutions that empower you to overcome all the challenges in the field of IT.
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With iTack, the pressures of the current business environment are our worry. We address these concerns in the most expert way ruling out lapses.
Big Data Analytics:
iTack helps you attain to the best results by giving you the sharp utilization of Big Data investigation. With iTack, we will make sure you accelerate steps ahead and influence.

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Hospital Information System in Saudi Arabia

The new Hospital information System developed by iClinic for Saudi Arabia is a remarkable breakthrough in Hospital Information Technology Solutions. The new HIS is aimed at improving the Quality of the overall healthcare situation in Saudi Arabia. The new HIS is a part of iClinic’s mission to automate and further simplify Health Care using IT. […]

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What are the benefits of mobile EMR?

The ascent of mechanical availability has had a purported impact on each and every classification of the expert world over the most recent few years. Maybe no single industry, however, has seen a blast of advancement equivalent to that which has happened in the restorative field. Whether you’re a specialist, a practice supervisor or essentially […]

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Benefits of Web EMR

If you are confused as to choosing a Client-Server EMR system or a Web EMR system than the best option for you is to choose a vender that provides a solution that works both as a Client-Server and a Web EMR system. Many EMR systems available on the market today are equipped to take on […]

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